11:00 am    Spooky Halloween Arrangement - $85.00

                     Come celebrate the season and learn how easy it is                       to construct your own spooky pumpkin centerpiece                       out of seasonal flowers.                                                                       All class materials are included. 



 2:30 pm        Beginning Floral Design Class - $75.00

                       Learn basic design skills of arranging

                       in a vase including the secret to great mechanics

                       creating a beautiful arrangement.  

                       All class materials are included.          


AIFD: American Institute of Floral Designers

CFD: Certified Floral Designer

11:00 am   European Hand-Tie - $65.00

                    Learn the longstanding tradition throughout Europe. 

                    The hand-tie bouquet is a simple floral arrangement                                made without a container and is constructed in your                              hand to form and arrangement. 

                    All class materiel included. 

2:30 pm    Wreath Making Class- $95
                  Learn the basic skills you need to create a                                                  wreath suitable for displaying outdoors or                                                  indoors.  Learn to work with ribbon, dried                                                    and semi-permanent botanicals.

                  All class materials are included. 




November 17

​11:00 am        European Hand-Tie - $65

                        Learn the longstanding tradition throughout                                    Europe.The hand-tie bouquet is a simple floral                               arrangement made without a container and is                                 constructed in your hand to form an                                                   arrangement. 

                        All class materials included. 

2:30 pm          Fall Mason Jar Arrangement - $65 

                        Learn how to take a simple mason jar and                                        elevate it to new heights with seasonal flowers. 

                          All class materials included.

October 27

November 10

November 24 

November 3

11:00 am       Beginning Floral Design Class - $75

                       Learn basic design skills of arranging in a vase 

                       including the secret to great mechanics creating a                                   beautiful arrangement. 

                       All class materials included. 

 2:30 pm        Fruit and Flowers​ - $95  

                      Come celebrate this harvest season and let us show you                        how to create a stunning thanksgiving centerpiece out                            of seasonal fruits and flowers.


Hands on Design Classes Taught by

Robin Phillips AIFD, CFD

Freshness & Quality

Class Schedule

11:00am         ​Lantern Arrangement  - $95

                         Let us bring a little light into your world by                                         teaching you how to create a brilliant lantern                                   centerpiece with seasonal flowers. 

                         All class materials as well as lantern included.                        



2:30 pm          Beginning Floral Design Class - $75

                         Learn basic design skills of arranging in a vase                               including the secret to great mechanics creating                             a beautiful arrangement.  

                         All class materials are included.